Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old Books: Love them, Leave them or Throw them away

In anticipation of the new books I’ll get for Christmas, I started thinking about the old ones I have. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t own a ton of bookshelves lined with books. For that matter, I don’t even own one bookshelf overflowing with books. But the small area I do have for books suffocated a while ago.

I need to get rid of them. I don’t recall what I've done with my books in the past. I know I have never thrown a book away and I rarely donate my books to the library. However, considering the books I’ve owned in the past and the books I currently possess, something is not adding up.

I did something with them. I probably left them in an old apartment or house in a prior move.

But for the first time, I need to get rid of some books and I am making the conscious decision to do so--and I have a blog. I’m considering hosting a giveaway on my blog for all of the books I need to clear out---and can bear to part with.

But first I ask you, what do you do with your books? Are they hoisted upon one or several bookshelves in your home like a red badge of honor? Do you use them as conversation pieces at dinner parties? Do you give them away to friends, acquaintances, or donate them to a library? Will some of them--a chosen few--be taken to the grave with you? Because of the impact they've had on your life.

Tell me, what do you do with your old books. But if you throw them away, don't tell me. In that case, I grant you full authority to lie to me.


  1. I read so many peoples, I have to "recycle" them once a quarter. Obviously, I have an issue. :)

    I give my books to my local library branch. They love it when they see me coming in the door with my books. :)

    But I usually keep the books I love in my office. I read parts of them for inspiration when I get stuck or I just re-read them fully to get back into the novel world I love so much.

  2. I can't think of a better issue to have than an addiction to great books. :)

    Donating to the library sounds like a great idea. I'll probably do that. But first, I'll contact them to see if there are any books they don't take. Do you just give them all of the books and let them toss the ones they don't want?

    There are a few I want to keep. I have a small area on my desk for them.