Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Reasons to Write & Actually Finish Your Novel

Writers get a lot of rejection. From rejection letters to writing partner critiques, a writer's life is plagued with it. Understandably, a writer can find themselves believing that their writing is no good, no one will read the novel when it’s done, or a billion other untruths. Those outer, and sometimes inner, thoughts can drive a writer to stop midstream, not complete the book and give up on writing altogether. The writer's life is so plagued with rejection, in fact, that I have decided to counteract some of it. My solution? Five reasons that, despite the hills you may climb or insecurities you may feel, you should write your novel anyway.

1. Your family and friends will love your novel unconditionally. That’s why they get the prestigious title of family and friends.

2. If you love your novel, it can never be a waste of time; even if it never sells. If you love your characters and story it is well worth the journey of writing the book. If you enjoy writing the novel for one, two or three years of your life then the entertainment you provide yourself alone makes the time well spent.

3. It’s more productive than watching television. The average American spends approximately 153 hours watching television a month—writing a novel is a much better use of your time and brain. *winks* I say that as a reality television addict.

4. Twilight. Every time someone criticizes Stephenie Meyer’s writing, an angel gets its wings----and she sells another copy of her trilogy. You don’t have to be Stephenie Meyer but her story goes to show that if it seems like someone isn’t getting your story then maybe 10 million other people will. Above all, don't quit writing or believe that you can't write.

5. You are entitled to a shitty first draft. So write it already. Good, bad or ugly.

As a writer, it can seem like the competition is too stiff or your writing is not as good as someone else’s, but I just found five reasons that you should push those thoughts into some deep crevice in the back of your mind and finish your novel anyway. There’s no time like Nanowrimo!

P.S. If anyone cares, this is where I found the information on how much television Americans watch.



  1. Love your #2 - I truly believe that working on a novel you love is never a waste of time.

    And #5 - Enough said. Can this be applied to 2nd or 3rd drafts too? Ha.

  2. I love #2 as well. I think it is even more helpful if you've never been published. Like me. :) It keeps me going.

    LOL! I definitely apply #5 to 2nd and 3rd drafts.

  3. Ha ha--#4 Twilight. Enough said. Great post, Latoya. Glad I met you on Twitter :)

  4. LOL! I like that one too. Thanks! It's a work in progress. :) Me too. Do you have a blog I can check out?